Why Choose Us?

Gilded Music Press specializes in brass music and pedagogical materials composed and crafted by Dr. Daniel Thrower.  His expertise and experience in the music world are now available in printed or PDF format for the music world's benefit.

For questions, specific requests, or to commission a new work from Dr. Thrower, please contact us via email or phone, below.

"You and your compositions deserve first rate ensembles, they’re that good! It’s an honor to know you and, from time to time, celebrate your wonderful accomplishments."

Dr. K. Newell Dayley
Retired Dean of BYU College of Fine Arts & Communications

About Us

Dr. Daniel N. Thrower


"Gilded Music Press" was created specifically to make Dr. Daniel Thrower's high-quality music available.  Dr. Thrower has been composing music and writing educational supplements for decades. He describes his music as a "personal musical journal".  From his work with military ensembles to faculty and students of all ages, his music and teaching materials are created to edify audiences, professional colleagues, students, and himself.  Through "Gilded Music Press" the global music community benefits from his excellent research, experience, and creative output.  Many have enjoyed and benefited from his work throughout the world, and you will too once you discover his phenomenal products!